Block And Block GAMMA-50 Fork Lift 300kg 6.2m

Block And Block GAMMA-50 Fork Lift 300kg 6.2m, Truss Lift, High-quality truss lift from the EU for loads up to 300 kg, Five part telescopic extension, Safety bolts for locking the various sections at different heights, Locking bolt in the base, To secure the stabilisers, Stabiliser with adjustable spindle and steel plate with non-slip rubber base, Corrosion protection by priming with epoxy paint, Spirit level, Earthing connection, Castors for moving the retracted lift, AL-KO COMPAC 900 winch, Maximum winch load: 900 kg with automatic load-holding brake, Galvanised steel cables, Type 6x19+1, manufactured on the basis of standard EN 13414-1:2004, Material: Carbon steel profiles, type S-275-J0H, manufactured in accordance with standards EN10219, EN10305.5, Height adjustable, Maximum load capacity: 300 kg, Minimum load capacity: 40 kg, Nominal rope strength: 1770 N/mm², Height: Maximum 620 cm over 5 sections, minimum 30 cm, Steel cable: Ø 6 mm, Material: Steel (powder-coated), Transport dimensions: 19 cm x 61 cm x 68 cm, Footprint: Ø 2.1 m, Weight: 140.50 kg, Made in Europe

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